Year Long Internship

The Lost Canyon Year Long Internship is a challenging and rewarding year focused on developing life-long participants in the mission of Young Life with a specific emphasis on full-time camp staff. Lost Canyon Year Long Interns play an integral role in accomplishing the Lost Canyon Mission Focus which is to prepare a space that reflects Jesus Christ.
Year Long Interns will have the opportunity to work in several areas of camp in order to get a holistic view of camping operations. There will be a focus on personal development of each intern’s individual gifting and talents. They will also be challenged to grow in their personal relationships with Jesus, as well as focusing on learning to be an active member of a Christ-centered community with other interns, camp staff and guests.
We are seeking mature, service-oriented leaders to join in this work of creating and maintaining an inviting atmosphere for our guests.  Please see links below for the program description, application, and recommendations.
This internship runs January to December. We are not currently taking applications as our 2020 interns have already been selected. We will open up the 2021 application in the spring of 2020 and will begin to process those on ​applications August 1, with all hires made by mid-September.
How to Apply to be a 2021 Year Long Internship

  • Thoroughly read the Program Description for 2020.
  • Complete the online application once it becomes available in the Spring of 2020.
  • A Young Life Staff Recommendation and Non-Staff Recommendation are required. See the Application for recommendation directions.


Quotes from Past Interns....

"A year-long is a time to remember why you love life. It is a season that has brought so much joy and growth. A season that changes everything!" - Kelsey Smith, Lost Canyon Intern, 2017

In the process of trying to figure out if camp staff was the right fit for me, doing a year long internship truly gave me a realistic picture. There's something that a Young Life summer doesn't quite capture when it comes to the uniqueness of the constant year-round community that exists, maintains and operates properties. Summer is fun, crazy, busy and so exciting, but the parts of my internship that I'll cherish most were the slower times, when I got to just go to work at a Young Life camp for a year. Doing my internship at Lost Canyon is something that I'll always be thankful for, as the staff here consistently do their best to welcome the interns in as equals, partners and friends; they dove right in and held nothing back when it came to relationship.”​ - Hannah Jodoin, Lost Canyon Intern, 2016​

“I have truly thrived as a Year Long Intern.  This life is growing, stretching, changing, molding and moving me.  Daily.  I am learning about how I tick in an emotional lab of sorts.  I am learning about why I feel the way I do in a given situation, how I want to react and I am learning how to address issues right away.  It is refining.  I find that I am apologizing often, but I am much more able to keep short accounts.  Most importantly, I am growing deeper with the Lord.  I am constantly reminded about God's grace towards me, for on my own I am rather rotten and yet He uses me to help build the Kingdom.  This year is changing me down to the marrow of my bones and I feel blessed to be a part of it.  In conclusion, it rocks.”  -Allie Horton, Lost Canyon Intern, 2013

“Being a year long intern has been such a blessing for me. I have been challenged and loved well.  The Lost Canyon staff has a very special community that is prayer centered and I have been welcomed in with open arms. I count it a privilege to be a part of this community. The Lord is present at Lost Canyon! It is life changing and I love that I get to be a part of that!”  -Megan Kingsborough, Lost Canyon Intern, 2013

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